We are using world leading materials to teach kids coding. We are trying to make programming fun, and easy to understand. We are using different materials to teach code, computer science, and computer thinking. We understand the world is changing very fast, and everyday could bring new technology and teaching tools and concepts. So we are keeping an eye on all of them, and we will pick the most relevant material for our students.


Scratch is developed by MIT Media Lab. Using Scratch, children can create games, animations and more by coding with simple blocks.

Scratch is used as the introductory language because creation of interesting programs is relatively easy, and skills learned can be applied to other basic programming languages such as Python and Java.

Programming Robots

And we also use award programming robots to teach kids code. Kids can play with robots and other interactive toys for hours.


We want to use the programming robots as tools to help kids understand coding, and to help them to grow their confidence.

Build Website

We also teach HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and lots more. Building websites is a great way to introduce coding to kids, and it's always fun.

We hope the kids can make their own website and maybe show their interesting activities or a personal blog.  


Code Combat

CodeCombat is a platform for students to learn computer science while playing through a real game.


This game helps student to understand the basic programming concept such as function, method


Lego Wedo 2.0

LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set is a hands-on STEM solution that combines the LEGO brick, classroom-friendly software, engaging standards-based projects and a discovery based approach.


We use Lego Wedo software and Scratch to introduce students to to computational thinking and engineering principles in a fun and engaging way.

And much more

We also use lots of other apps, materials, websites, and education tools to teach kids coding. We want to kids programming through their play. Keep kids entertained, and keep them learning is our goal.

And we will pick the most relevant materials for our students.