Our Story

We were first class honors students in computer science at University of Waikato and now both of us are using computers a lot in our current jobs, and realized computer thinking really has put us ahead in many different ways. We are also parents like you, want our kids to learn the valuable skills that computer science can offer, and be prepared to engage with today’s rapidly changing digital world and the many challenges it brings.  

Here are what we like to teach our kids: 

  • Problem solving skills: to be able to break a big problem down into smaller manageable problems, parts or steps; to recognize patterns and trends; be able to develop instructions to solve a problem or steps for a task.                   

  • Critical thinking: Simplifying things, making judgments, removing the unnecessary details, deciding what is important and what we don’t have to care about so much                                                                                                      

  • Logic reasoning: help kids to develop a mental model of how technology works, be able to explain why things happen, and also why something isn’t quite working, why we do things in a certain way, and try to predict what going to happen after a few steps.                                                                              

  • Programming skills: in today’s digital world, coding is one of the fundamental skills like reading. we will introduce some simple programming languages, such as  HTML, JavaScript and others, so kids learn how to read code and modify it.